How We Help Your Business

Jess Williams Business Services provides employee benefit design, brokerage, and support through experienced and qualified professionals. Since every client is different, our sales and service team ensures you have the correct benefit plan in place. We can also help with all of your Human Resource (HR) needs, performing all the HR functions usually associated with a traditional in-house HR department. This keeps costs down and helps you focus on what you are best at - building your business.

Employee Benefits

Providing a benefits package for your employees can be expensive and often comes with compliance requirements. Our firm provides both employee benefits brokerage services plus regulatory compliance and personal customer service.

Group Benefits

  • Design & Brokerage - First we will review your current benefit offering, discover any inefficiencies and improvements, then build a plan to fit your needs and finally negotiate with carriers for the best pricing.
  • Ongoing Services - First we implement your plans including conducting educational enrollment meetings and employee communications, then we will follow through with you to make sure all policies are issued correctly, and finally we service you throughout the year including starting renewals 90 days prior.
  • Compliance - We will keep you compliant including but not limited to services for Section 125, State Continuation, COBRA, Medicare Part D, CHIPS, ERISA, and FMLA.

Three Levels of Benefit Services

We offer three levels of benefit services:

Standard Benefit Service Level

  • Review your current benefit offering
  • Discover what improvements are needed and what inefficiencies there are currently
  • Build plans to fit your needs
  • Verify you are in compliance with state and federal benefit laws
  • Negotiate carrier offerings to ensure the best pricing is delivered
  • Implement plans on a turnkey basis
  • Conduct educational enrollment meetings
  • Provide all employee communications (i.e. outlines, premium illustrations)
  • Submit new case documents to carriers
  • Follow through to make sure all policies are issued correctly
  • Provide personal assistance throughout the plan year
  • Answer employer and employee questions regarding claim activities
  • Monthly updates regarding benefits (employer newsletters)
  • Monthly employee wellness newsletters
  • Start the renewal process 90 days prior to the renewal

Enhanced Benefit Service Level

All of the above services, plus:

  • Online enrollment
  • Additions of new employees, dependents, and terminations are completed by our offices
  • Custom benefits communications tool with company logo provided
  • Section 125 Plan documents and end-of-year testing
  • State continuation and COBRA administration
  • Medicare notification Part D (annual notification)
  • CHIPS notification (annually)
  • Grandfathered/Non-Grandfathered notifications
  • ERISA compliance
  • FMLA compliance (if group has 50+ employees)

Enhanced Benefit Service Level with HRMS

All of the above services, plus:

  • HRMS with 24/7 access: employee record and personnel actions, HR compliance (EEOC, OSHA, etc.), benefits administration, absence management (POT, LOA, FMLA, etc.)
  • Employee benefit statements (hidden paycheck)
  • Monthly billing statement review (verify you are paying for the correct employees and dependents)
  • Integrated payroll

Human Resources

Our Human Resources department provides a service called "HR Complete." It provides policies and procedures that will either support your current Human Resources department or we can literally become your Human Resources department. The HR Management feature can be added to any of our benefit administration options.

Human Resources Services

  • HR Compliance (Annual HR Audit; handbook; FLSA; FMLA; AAP; EEOC; Federal Posters; Orientation)
  • Recruiting and Hiring (Job Descriptions; Recruiting; Applicant Tracking; Reference Checks; Skills Validation; Criminal Background and Checks; Drug Screens)
  • Compensation and Benefits (Compensation Review and Grouping)
  • Employee Relations/Performance (Performance Reviews; HR Metrics; Employee Relations Investigation and Advice; General Communication)
  • Employee Separation and Termination (Exit Interviews; TWC Advice)
  • Recordkeeping and Documentation (Manager and Employee Self-service; Record Retention; Org Charts)
  • HRMS with 24/7 Access: employee record and personnel actions, HR compliance (EEO, OSHA, I9, etc.), benefits administration, absence management (PTO, LOA, FMLA, etc.)